The Reserve at Hockett Gulch Planned Unit Development (PUD), in Eagle, Colorado, will provide a catalyst for the redevelopment of the Grand Avenue corridor and West Eagle area, while supporting the Eagle business community with access to housing for its employees. (Read the Eagle County Housing Needs & Solutions 2018 Report here)

The project will add vibrancy to the town by growing its population in a compact design and in-fill location. This allows for a more environmentally sustainable approach to development by :

  • Limiting impacts to existing developed areas due to its in-fill location within the town of Eagle
  • Preserving the land area by providing an appropriate density on a smaller parcel of land
  • Reducing the number of paved roads and length of utility lines by developing in an in-fill location that has existing infrastructure adjacent to it (i.e., not urban sprawl)
  • Providing for adequate open space on-site and utilizing existing open space and park areas in the surrounding area
  • Providing for potential future trail access to Hockett Gulch
  • Utilizing raw water irrigation in order to reduce costs to the project and the community
  • Mitigating impacts with infrastructure improvements and impact fees that pay for improvements

Residents at the Reserve at Hockett Gulch will enjoy a unique setting that is in close proximity to existing transportation services, commercial districts and Town of Eagle amenities.

PUD Zoning Plan review 8-14-18

Link to larger PUD Zoning Plan

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